Georgia Mournehis & Michael Chrysanthou

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I know where you have been. Tired, frustrated and alone. You are getting to the point where your symptoms are now running your life and you feel no room for escape. I totally get you.

At 18 years old I entered the University world with the perception that it was going to be life changing and that I was on the way to having my dreams come true. Boy was I wrong and my challenges began to escalate. IBS and anxiety began to eat away at me. My emotional state became so unstable that you could find me regularly in my boyfriends car screaming and crying and threatening to kill myself. In 2014 in order to combat this my parents forced me to attend Dr John Demartini “The Breakthrough experience” and this was life changing.

I have followed Dr Demartini work since and can thank him for the changes that have occurred in my life from clearing my emotional baggage. In 2018 after becoming a qualified Demartini Trained Facilitator & Functional Nutritional Therapist (FNTP) I quit from the corporate world to create what is now known as Wellness Within Consulting. Nowadays you can find me working with children and adolescents on their mindset and clearing issues such as bullies, autism, schizophrenia and any other challenge they are facing. I also work with people that are dealing with chronic health issues, acute health issues and relationship issues to clear what’s in the way from living an inspired life.


Georgia works together with you to help achieve your goals. She has an ability to put perspective on life that allows you to truly heal.

/  Susan  /



From as far back as I can remember I have always been into sports and challenging myself physically. As a child I was obsessed with soccer, tennis and martial arts.

Although I was active, I wasn’t conscious of my health which led me to be overweight throughout my teenage years. At 21 years old after working with ACE Martial Arts I decided to go back to university and completed my degree in Exercise Physiology and graduated in 2017.

Due to my love for martial arts and health I have the pleasure of presenting CEC and ESSA approved courses for personal trainers and exercise physiologists at Australian Combat & Exercise. I have also had the opportunity to be an assistant presenter at FILEX with the Australian Combat & Exercise team. Along with presenting and teaching I also have a yearning for personal development and human behavior. I have studied under Dr John Demartini where I have attended multiple courses.

Since then I have been combining martial arts, personal training and exercise physio skills to help clients with their health journey’s. I have worked with and love working with clients that are chronically ill, kids on the autism spectrum and healthy population in order to help them with their health and wellbeing.

I am inspired to teach and coach people on the best practices to optimize their health through martial arts and exercise.


Michael is an excellent coach who combines his knowledge in physical health to educate the why behind each aspect of your training.

/  Katherine  /