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Nutritional Therapy

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There is so much information out there on what to eat and what not to eat. One study shows that we shouldn’t eat carbohydrates, and another shows we shouldn’t eat fats or protein. Every study in the world can be manipulated in a way to appeal to the consumer making finding the truth difficult.
Why is that? It’s because we are all different and have differing views.
This is why I don’t recommend one diet to fix all health issues. I offer a holistic and bio individual approach, wherein we work together to find out what suits you and use age old proven methods to do so.

Using ancestral health as the backbone we will develop a program suited to your current health needs and what’s best attainable for your environment. In addition we work through any stress using mindset techniques that create a applicable strategy that works for you.


Instant fix program

  • Free 20 minute discovery session

  • One x 1 hour Nutritional Therapy Consultation


  • Bio-Individual Online Quiz through Nutri-Q

  • Understanding your health concerns

  • Nutritional Recommendation and follow up plan for you to follow at home


Grand solid change program

  • Free 20 minute discovery session

  • Eight x 1 hour Nutritional Therapy Consultation’s


  • Bio-Individual Online Quiz through Nutri-Q

  • Bio-Individual Functional Evaluation (Sydney based clients only)

  • Nutritional Recommendations and Plan

  • Stress and value determination session

  • Stress and balance perception sessions aim to reduce stress and get you back on track



consult with Georgia

As a certified Demartini Facilitator we work together with you to unlock your life’s true potential. We work together on overcoming the challenges that are blocking you from creating the life you have always dreamed of. Using established techniques I assist you in finding what it is that you would truly love to do and implementing the steps you need to make it a reality.

The Demartini process is unlike any other, as it is not only tangible but approachable and applicable at any time, to any situation. We can work through any challenge that you might be facing, whether it be relationships, physical body image, addictions, finances, family or a combination of all. Together we take these roadblock issues and transform them so that you perceive them as things that appear ON the way, not IN the way.

Changing perceptions

  • Each package will begin with finding out who you are and developing goals that are tangible around your values

  • We will then proceed to clear the emotional baggage that is holding you back from achieving your goals and inspired mission and vision.

  • Together we begin to address the issues you are perceiving head on and clear the mind so that you are at your most focused on the tasks most important to you

Exercise Rehabilitation

Consults with Michael

Exercise rehabilitation focuses on treating musculoskeletal injuries and chronic health conditions with exercise. Exercise has shown to be one of the most effective treatments for managing and improving symptoms of most chronic health issues. We specialise in lower back pain, injuries, diabetes, neurological conditions and mental health.

We accept, Medicare, NDIS, Work Cover & Private Health Funds.

Sensory-Martial Arts

A martial arts and fitness program specifically developed by Michael to cater for kids and adults on the autism spectrum and other neurological conditions. Covered through NDIS, this program has been developed to improve coordination, postural control, strength, mobility, agility and balance for people on the spectrum. This allows for them to learn skills to further advance them with their learning and build confidence and self-esteem giving them skills to be able to use on a day to day basis.

Martial arts

Martial arts coaching will incorporate boxing, kickboxing and freestyle in a one on one setting. This training improves strength, fitness, coordination, agility, balance, speed as well as gaining self defense skills.

You will learn how

  • To form the correct stance

  • All boxing punches and angle

  • Muay Thai kicking, knees and elbows

  • Defense, footwork, head movement and blocking

  • Sparring

  • Option to grade with ACE MARTIAL ARTS freestyle system

Strength & Movement

These sessions focus on building the body to improve strength, mobility, body composition and fitness. Each individual will have a program tailored to not only their body’s needs but their goals too.



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